Cute Bunny. Whiskers Club (Revised Edition) is now available for pre-order! [Pre-order with bonus available until 23:59 on February 24th!]


The original picture book 'Cute Bunny. Whiskers Club (Revised Edition),' based on the concept and illustrations by Non, is now available for bonus pre-orders at both the 'Mike & Kalintou' shop and Amazon. Bonus pre-orders for both options are open until 23:59 on February 24th.

Please note that due to limited quantities, the offer may end without waiting for the deadline once the predetermined number is reached. If you wish to receive your order on the release date, please make your reservation by 23:59 on February 24th.

This time, we are unveiling the bonus design for the first time!

Please be aware that the design is subject to change as it is still in development and may differ from the actual specifications.


・Original clear file (A5 size)

・Original sticker (50mm circle)


Get your hands on stickers and a clear file (A5 size) featuring the cover illustration by Non! Don't miss out on these exclusive items!

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Benefit: Original clear file

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Benefit: Original sticker

Cute Bunny. Whiskers Club [Revised Edition]
Author/Illustrator: Non
ISBN: 978-4-7711-1071-7
Price: 2,000 JPY Tax Included: 2,200 JPY
Pages: 47 pages
Format: 148mm × 148mm"


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