NON to appear in a new TVCM of UHA Gummy supplement, broadcasting on June 23.


NON’s appears in the new TVCM for UHA Gummy Supplement as her original character “warui chan”. NON was involved in the production of the CM.


Overview of the CM

Title: "NON Sapri by Gumisapuri" Hen (15 sec)

Broadcasting start date: Saturday, June 23, 2018

Broadcasting area: Kansai · Hokkaido

About "UHA Gumi Sapri"

"UHA Gumi Sapri" is a supplement made with gummy.

It is a product that focuses on supplements from "you must drink" to "want to eat deliciously". It can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere for women who are highly conscious of their health and beauty.


 "UHA Gumi Sapri"