“Baby Face” release party, Gurihiru’s collaboration and limited-edition goods release!



To help celebrate the release of NON’s first mini-album, limited-edition original goods will be on sale at “Village Vanguard” bookstore. The limited-edition original goods were helped designed by famous comic artist, Gurihiru who is also famous in America. The illustrations are cute and cool.
Check out Gurihiru here:

You can purchase the goods at “Village Vanguard” bookstore. There is a limited amount of goods, so please check out website for details.


【Product Information】 All prices are excluding tax
T-shirt (BK / WH) Size (S ~ XL) ¥ 3,500
Towel ¥ 2,500
Tote Bag ¥ 2,800
Smartphone case ¥ 3,500
Mobile battery ¥ 4,000
Pouch bag ¥ 2,500
Badge ¥ 500
Key chain ¥ 800

[Release date] Store: Saturday, June 22
※ Opening time varies according to each store, so please inquire at your nearest expansion store.
Mail order site: June 22 (Sat) 12:00-

Please check at Village Vanguard website: