NON’s “Baby Face” live performance to be held in Shibuya, Tokyo.


The release live performance of NON’s first mini-album “Baby Face” will be held at WWW X on June 16th, and will be live on Premium LINE Live.

NON’s "Baby Face" Live Performance
Premium LINE LIVE distribution especially for the mini-album "Baby Face" release live to be held at Shibuya WWW X on June 16! ※ 3 songs will be distributed from the live opening, not the full live.
※ There is a possibility that the contents of delivery may be changed. Please note. [This program is a paid option. You can watch from LINE LIVE app and LINE message screen (iOS only)
· LIVE coin necessary for viewing: 600 LIVE coin
・ How to view: If you tap the "View" button from the popup displayed before starting to view the delivery, payment will be made from the balance coin and you can view it immediately.
Viewing period: 5 days from the date of purchase
・ Available period: 5 days (June 16th-June 20th)
※ If you missed the live delivery, you can purchase the above period.
・ Delivery account: NON channel

※ Please confirm the details such as the program viewing method/archive viewing method from here.

■ Non "Baby Face" live!
OPEN / START 16:30 / 17:30
INFORMATION WWW X 03-5458-7688