NON in magazine, "Yodan Seventeen".


NON talks with band "Schadarapa" in the magazine “Yodan Seventeen,”

“Schadarapa Live 2017” held at Hibiya Noon on Saturday, April 15!

* From Schadarapa Official HP

■ About Seventeen

Spring. The season that I want to read this again has come again. All three members of Schadarapa meet and talk to the people you want to meet! No. Are you sure? Huh? I do not know? excuse me. Schadarapa publishes it completely ... Oh, did you understand? Yeah, it ’s sore. This is an indie magazine “Shyaku” written by Scha Dara Parr.
This is the eighth issue in total and is titled “Dialogue Seventeen”.
Since 2017, the title has no special meaning.
Well, since everything is an “aside,”
So, although it is currently under intense coverage, this lineup is as follows !!!!!

This time (planned):

Chiho Kominato
Tei Towa
Masaya Nakahara
It's skein
Kan Takagi
Rolling Uchizawa
…… and more !!!!!

Click here for the details of the event that will be released on “Yodan Seventeen”!
Event details of  "Schadarapa Live 2017  ''

What kind of conversation did you have with the three of Scha Dara Parr this time?
Look forward to the release!