Calendar update.


Thank you for purchasing the NON Calendar.

Your calendar order received by April 9, 2017 has been shipped.

In addition, we received many voices saying that we did not receive emails regarding future responses sent on April 13.
Please check your spam folder and add a whitelist.

For customers who have already made individual inquiries, we will send you a separate e-mail from the official online shop.
For customers who have not received e-mails by today, we would like to ask you to send the following information.
* There is no need for customers who have already sent in our exclusive email form.

Sending mail address:

1. Request for calendar countermeasures (Please select 1 or 2 below.)

Separately send small desk calendar
Refund after returning the calendar by cash on delivery

2. Order number (The number starts with P. If you are unsure, please state it as unknown.)
3. Name of the person who ordered
4. Email address of the person who placed the order

Please note that a desk calendar will be sent to customers who cannot input by April 30th.
Not only did the delivery time be delayed, but all the staff members deeply regretted that such an elementary mistake had occurred. I apologize again.
We look forward to your official online shop in the future.

NON Team Staff