NON's track "Alien" is now available on LINE Music.


The band, Kirinji's track “Aliens”  was aired as a special commercial “Love and Innovation".

We received a great response from everyone right after the airing, and this time on July 13th, which is also NON's birthday!

LINE MUSIC is the exclusive distribution of the track.

The cover song for Kirinji's “Aliens” sung by NON is produced by Yasuyuki Horikome, a former Kirinji artist, and Horikome himself participated in the song recording with a guitar performance.


In addition, the track “Aliens”  by NON has begun distribution on LINE MUSIC, and also supports “download sales” where music can be purchased from one song unit (sales price: 240 MUSIC coin = 240 yen equivalent).
You can listen to the music you purchased and set it as a ringtone or background music for "LINE"! * 1

* 1: Check the LINE MUSIC official blog for details on how to use download sales.
LINE MUSIC Official Blog


And finally.

From all the staff,
Happy Birthday to NON!

I would like to continue to help you to enjoy and enjoy your life as a whole, all the staff, support, excitement, and creation together.

I hope that the new year will be a joy for all of you, fans, and all those involved!