NON launches new label, "KAIWA (RE) CORD".


NON has launched a new label as a platform for new activities as a creative artist!
Her music activities will begin this summer.

The new label, is “KAIWA (RE) CORD”.

NON designed the new label logo.

“I like to be able to do what I enjoy all the time. At first, I will need a lot of support! I would like to have fun and I want to produce everything by myself someday! " comments NON.

NON will appear as a special guest at the music event “WORLD HAPPINESS 2017” to be held on August 6th in Kasai Rinkai Park, Tokyo.

On August 6th, “KAIWA (RE) CORD” will be commemorated at the venue of “WORLD HAPPINESS 2017”, and a festive Ohirome Pack (limited to 500 copies) will be sold.

From August 6th we created “NON's Official Fan Club”

Details on how to join will be announced on August 6th on the official website.