New UNIQLO advertisement featuring NON.


New pants that gives a curved silhouette.
The beauty of the silhouette is that it can be seen at the moment you enter. Wide volume and gentle curves make the legs look beautiful.
NON is featured in the new advertisement for UNIQLO's "Curved Pants" which will be aired from August 22nd.

The TV commercial will be aired across 26 countries, now showing already in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. It will be broadcasted nationwide from Thursday, August 22, 2019. The commercial features Sheena Ringo’s track, “Tashikana Hokori” where the singer sings a phrase in the song that really resonated. It translates to “I don’t exist in the past or future, I live in the now”.


Comment from NON:

"UNIQLO's curve pants, I'm standing on the mound and throwing a curve ball. It was a lot of fun to be able to participate in a cool and stylish commercial. I was also impressed by the opportunity to go up to the dome mound. The curved pants are cool and wonderful. And Shiina's singing voice in the commercial is great!
I read the lyrics and it shot to my heart. The purity of “just living” overlaps with the silence that stands in the mound, and it overlaps with my own present. Live now in time regardless of gender or age.
I hope that the women who “live now” choose curve pants.