Video comment of “Metamorphosis” by NON.


A Kadokawa publication release of the comic, “Metamorphosis” has been ranked number one. NON talks about how much she enjoys the comic. She describes, “The relationship is so cute because there are two people who lived in different times… it's like a longing friendship”.

"The Edge of Metamorphosis"

Author: Kaori Tsurutani 

Volume 1-2 now on sale, each list price (body 780 yen + tax)



The difference in age, 58 years old. The two are manga friends.

A bookstore that happened to be dropped in, a book that happened to be acquired.

And every new day that begins-.

In the bookstore where the coffee shop of the memory that I went to with my late husband was closed and I stopped by

In a place where the cookbook corner is different from usual.

When I learned loneliness in the passing time, it was a book of comics that caught her eyes.

A 75-year-old lady and a high school girl from a bookstore weave through BL:

It was a day when no one had seen it yet.

In everyday life where nothing is changed, everyday life is still gradually changing,

Surely calm and dazzling.


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