NON to represent Ministry of the Environment.


A ceremony was held at the Ministry of the Environment on November 19, as NON was appointed to represent Global Warming campaign. NON commented, “Regarding global warming, I would like to publicize as an ambassador for energy-saving home appliances.”

In addition, the recruitment of “NON Warming! Children's Wall Newspaper Competition” started on November 19 (Monday).

As part of the promotion of replacement to energy-saving home appliances (COOL CHOICE 5-star home appliance replacement campaign) promoted by the national campaign “COOL CHOICE” for global warming countermeasures, the Ministry of the Environment. We are looking for “wall newspapers” to investigate the current state of global warming and the power consumption of refrigerators at home.
For outstanding works, the NON Award will be given to “Non Global Warming!
For details, please see the special website.


In the Ministry of the Environment, the national movement “COOL CHOICE” that promotes all “smart choices” that contribute to global warming countermeasures, such as low-carbon products, services, and lifestyles, is being promoted by related ministries and agencies, various companies, organizations, We promote in cooperation with local governments.
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