NON's Christmas Event.


NON will make an appearance at a Christmas Event, “Mainichiga Christmas” on December 23rd at Yokohama Redbrick Warehouse. Visitors will receive Christmas greeting cards.





Comment from NON:


“Hi everyone its NON! I thought I wouldn’t be able to see all of you until next year, but now I can because of this event! I can’t tell you what I will be doing during my performance but it will be all fun and exciting! You will all receive greeting cards! Merry Christmas, lets go baby!”


Schedule: Sunday, December 23, 2018

Time: OPEN 13: 00 / START 13: 30

Venue: Kanagawa · Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 Building 1F Hall


About ticket release

Small Christmas gift included

1 DRINK (500 yen) separately

You can not enter under 3 years. Ticket required for over 3 years.

4 tickets per person.


Reception period: Monday 11/12 (Monday) 12: 00 ~ 11/18 (Sunday) 23: 59

Result announcement result: scheduled sequentially from 11/19 (Monday) 18: 00


Reception period: November 20 (Tuesday) 12: 00-11 / 25 (Sunday) 23: 59

URL: http: //


Reception period: 12/1 (Sat) AM 10: 00 ~


Mainichiga Christmas

"Mainichiga Christmas 2018" is a music event to be held at Kanagawa · Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 Building 3F Hall for 17 days from December 9 (Sunday) to December 25 (Tue), will celebrate 11th anniversary this year .

This event started at Yokohama Landmark Hall in 2008.


Mainichiga Christmas 2018 Special trailer video here


"Aeritori presents Mainichi ga Christmas"

Venue: Yokohama · Red Brick Warehouse No.1 Building 3F Hall

Schedule: Sunday, December 9, 2018 ~ 25 (Tue) Total 17 days

Organized by: Christmas Executive Committee every day

Contact Us

KM Music 045-201-9999 (weekdays from 11: 00 to 18: 00)