"In This Corner of the World" special video release.


The animated film “In This Corner of the World” has been screened in movie theaters since the theatrical release on November 12, 2016. A new scene was added to the movie. It was decided that it will be released in December 2018 as a new version.

The title of the new version is called “In This Corner (and many more) of the World”.

In this version, the storyboards of new scenes have been revived by revising them just like normal animation works, and new cuts have been added.
Since the subject has changed partly from the current version, it was decided to produce it as “another movie” with a different title.

A new scene of about 30 minutes has been added to the movie and has been viewed by more than 2 million spectators and has received more than 70 awards. The movie will be released to the theater as another movie.

Please take a look!