NON representing JR West Japan Train and Platform Safety.


JR West Japan Train and Platform Safety is being implemented for the summer period. It is known for people to consume alcohol during the summertime and can cause accidents on the train platforms.

As part of the alert, NON will feature in a video that includes safety tips.

We will be hosting an event on July 6, 2018 (Friday), from 17:00 to 17:30, at the event space on the 5th floor of Osaka Station.

■ Message from NON:

"Hello everyone. This summer, I will be representing the Train and Platform Safety Prevention Campaign. It is a season when you have more opportunities to drink in beer gardens, etc., and you have to be careful about your health including heat stroke. JR's staff will be prepared, but the cooperation of the people around us is also necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation.

■ Details of the campaign

July 1, 2018 (Sun)-August 31, 2018 (Fri)


In addition to this, notice posters at JR West stations will be posted, security guards will be stationed (main stations), station staff will broadcast on the station, and customers will be invited.

Thank you for your cooperation.