「NO COFFEE × FIRSTORDER」Collaboration.


A collaboration between Fukuoka's coffee lifestyle shop “NO COFFEE” and the creative team “FIRSTORDER” Noriyoshi Okada will continue in 2016.

This time, we are working as an actress and creative artist, and we have been styling with stylists to suit T-shirts and bags that are collaborative items.

Mr. Okada responded to the appointment of “Non-Japanese”, “By performing various activities as an actress and creative artist and having a model of a rare person, like men and women, I requested that it be accepted by a wide range of generations."

■ Comment from NON:

“Thank you for using me as a model for NO COFFEEE × FIRSTORDER collaboration.

Actually, I can't drink coffee, so I don't know if this model is right for me (laughs)
I thought it would be interesting and innovative to collaborate regularly with coffee shops, creators, apparel, and goods. There are many things on the menu other than coffee, so I would like to visit the store! "

This collaboration product will be sold for the first time only, starting June 23rd (Saturday) at NO COFFEE at 10:00 am and on the same website from 09:00 am.


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