Pre-registration for 21st Japan Media Arts Festival.


The 21st Japan Media Arts Festival exhibition will be held at the National Art Center, Roppongi, Tokyo. Applications for pre-registration events such as talks, live performances, symposiums, workshops, appreciation programs will be accepted from 17:00 on June 1 (Friday) at the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Art Festival.

In addition, “Guidebook”, which introduces all the programs, will be posted on the website of the Japan Media Arts Festival [Award-winning Works Exhibition / Contest] from 17:00 on June 1 (Friday).

Also, a free audio guide app with commentary from the winners will be distributed for free to enjoy the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival!
In addition to introducing the achievements of the 32 award-winning works and the two achievement awards, director Nao Katanagi (Animation Division Grand Prize “In the Corner of the World”) and Masaaki Yuasa (Animation Division Grand Prize “Dawn” will be heard only here) The precious comment of "Lou no Uta") is also included.

For details, please refer to the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Art Festival [Award-winning Works Exhibition / Contest] website.

・ Japan Media Arts Festival [Award-winning works exhibition/contest]

On Saturday, June 23, during the exhibition period, we received the Grand Prize in the Animation Division. “Director Katanagi in one corner of this world and“ On one corner of this world ”screening and talk events You can apply from the following page.

Please take this opportunity to visit us after applying!