Photo exhibition of "Seven Wonders of NON".


The first video recording of “Non Cigarettes” in “Non, KAIWA Festival Vol.1 ” will be released on Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

The DVD release and the feature article “Seven Wonder of NON” In commemoration of the publication of “SWITCH Vol.36 No.2”, which will feature “WONDERS OF NON”, HMV & BOOKS SHINSAIBASHI will hold a photo exhibition “SEVEN WONDERS OF NON” and [DVD preview & mini-live] in-store event did.


In addition, three people will receive a signed photo panel by lottery for those who participate in this event!
Please join us.

■ In-store event details

Date: May 14 (Monday)
Time: 18:30-(20 minutes before the meeting)
Appearance: NON
Contents: Preview & Mini Live & Lottery

* Closed event for those who have an event participation ticket (first-come-first-served/random number)
* There are no other benefits.

■ In-store event participation method

・ May 8 (Tue) Product arrival date 12:00-(Scheduled and as soon as the product arrives) At the HMV & BOOKS SHINSAIBASHI cashier counter, if you purchase either CD or DVD for the target product with one account, the event participation ticket (first come first served) / Number random) ". It will only be purchased at the store.
・ Orders made over the phone or online are not eligible for the event.
・ Distribution of “Event Participation Ticket (First-come-first-served / random number)” will be terminated as soon as it reaches the specified number.

* Only one event ticket is available per person.
* Do not stay in the area outside the venue building overnight or early in the morning, as it may cause inconvenience to the neighbors. If you find an all-night activity, we may cancel the event.
* Since the management will announce the alignment depending on the situation, naturally occurring columns are not allowed. Please note.
* To ensure equality, we are unable to respond to inquiries such as “Where are you waiting?”, “Where is the lineup?”, “Waiting for a long time”. Please understand.