NON × Spotify


Non × Spotify  "Super Heroes” Preliminary Audition will be held in Tokyo!

10 groups of 20 people will be invited to this preliminary audition.

The application method is to share from Twitter by attaching the hashtag “#non_Spotify” to your favorite songs from among the songs that are currently distributed on “spotify”!
The application period is from April 3 (Tue) to April 6 (Fri) 23:59.

For details on how to apply, please check the following.

■ How to apply

[1] Download application for PC or smartphone and register as a member in "Spotify"
[2] When registration is complete, use Spotify to go to the artist page of []
[3] Tap “Share” from “…” to the right of your favorite song
[4] Copy the link or select “Twitter”
[5] Add the hashtag “#non_Spotify” and tweet!
[6] Application is complete!

Don't forget to follow your Spotify Japan (@SpotifyJP) account, as you will receive a winning notification on Twitter DM!