BS10 Star Channel “Remember Me”.


The latest movie by Disney / Pixar, “Remember Me”, which won the two categories of the 90th Academy Award® Feature Animation Award and Theme Song Award at “BS10 Star Channel”  Will broadcast a special program in conjunction with the theatrical release. NON will host as a program navigator.

We look forward to seeing the charm of this work, which draws the adventures of music lovers.

■ BS10 Star Channel Special Program NON Recommends, “ Remember Me ”.

“The main character, Michael, who is going against his dreams even when his family opposes it, is wonderful, and I sympathize with the fact that I have a certain place to do what I want to do.
“Remember Me” is a moving story that makes you want to meet your family.
I think that it is a movie that even adults can enjoy.

BS10 Star Channel “Remember Me” Release Commemorative Special Program “NON Recommends, “ Remember Me, will be broadcast on Friday, March 16th 17:10 and until April 15th.