Social Media Exhibition.



"SNS Exhibition#What if there was no SNS" invites works on the theme of “If there was no SNS” on Instagram and Twitter. This is an art exhibition created by everyone from social media that will be exhibited at the exhibition.

NON will participate as a curator at this "SNS Exhibition #If there was no SNS". We will select works to be exhibited at the exhibition through social media.

In addition, we will produce original work with the theme of “If there is no SNS” and present it at the exhibition.

Official site:

■ “SNS Exhibition #If there was no SNS”

【Application period】

2018 March 8th - April 10.

[Application method]

Follow the official account of “SNS Exhibition” (@moshimo_sns) on Instagram / Twitter and post with the hashtag “#If there is no SNS”. Themes such as friendship, romance, family, society, apportionment, etc. are irrelevant. In addition to text tweets, photos can be posted in photos, videos, illustrations, poems, tanka, narratives, and essays on blogs and linked. Artworks that combine them are also welcome!

[Official SNS]

SNS Exhibition Official Instagram

“SNS Exhibition” Official Twitter

【Result announcement】

In addition to the works selected by the curator from among the applications submitted, the works selected by the secretariat will be exhibited at an exhibition scheduled to be held on May 5


■ About the exhibition "SNS Exhibition"


Scheduled for May 2018


Planned location in Tokyo

* Exhibition information will be announced on the SNS exhibition's official website and SNS at any time.