Family Theater Club.


Non-original painting scenes and a visit to the Louvre in Paris, France will be distributed at the “Family Theater CLUB”.

In this program, Non will create a work that will be exhibited when she participates as a guest artist at the Japan Student Oil Painting Society at the exhibition “Salon du Beauxar 2017” in Louvre. The whole day of 3 days includes interviews, thoughts through his own works and other works exhibited at "Carrousel du Louvre", visiting local famous shops while taking a walk through the streets of Paris.

Comment from NON:
--What is your enthusiasm for starting production?

NON: I've done an exhibition with my own work once, but this time there are a lot of artists participating. I'm nervous, but I want to draw freely and happily.

--What is the concept of the work?

NON: I'm thinking of standing in front of the canvas and drawing as I feel, but I really like how children's minds work so I want to make it fun.

--About the work

NON: Overall, you can feel the energy! It seems that emotions are flying in all directions. Kind of like popcorn.

Distribution date and time: March 5 (Monday) 12: 00 ~

Distribution service name: “Family Theater CLUB”
* “Drawing works to be exhibited in“ NON ”Louvre DAY1” can also be viewed by “free members”.
The other 4 works will be distributed to premium members (500 yen per month (excluding tax).
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