Guitar Magazine Special Artist Series.


An interview with Kazuyoshi Saito is featured in “Guitar Magazine Special Artist Series” featuring guitarists/artists who represent Japan. It will be released on March 28, 2018.

In addition to the latest interviews that looked back on the core equipment of his 25-year career, an introduction to a collection of instruments including bass, drums, and keyboards, as well as guitar magazines / acoustic guitar magazines/drums previously.


Please have a look.

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List price: (2,500 yen + tax)
Specifications: A4 variant / 160 pages
Released: March 28, 2018

● My Dear Gear 25 The latest interview that talks about love
● Talk Session Kazuyoshi Saito x Non-Everyone grew up with guitar

● My Guitarists Guitarist who supported Kazuyoshi Saito
[Robert Quinn, Mark Ribeau, Kazuyuki Miyauchi, Soichiro Yamauchi (Fuji Fabric), Satoshi Takada, Gobun Makimura (Kissel), Yohei Makabe, Yohei Shikano (MY HAWAII), etc.
● Gear Collection Equipment collection including drums, keyboards, and effectors
● Archive Interview
(From guitar magazine, acoustic guitar magazine, drum magazine)
● Saito's Hands
● Playing Analysis & Guitar Score Performance Analysis & Guitar Score
"Let's walk home", "I've always liked it", "I want to sing a ballad", "I want to be kind", "Wedding song"