SWITCH Talk Event Information


A talk event will be held to commemorate the release of SWITCH's “Non's Special 7 Adventure” magazine, which will be released on Saturday, January 20, 2018.

What a valuable opportunity to talk about the secret story of the production.

■ Talk event participation conditions
Participation tickets will be given to customers who have booked and purchased both of the following two items at Daikanyama Ashiya Shoten.
・ "SWITCH Vol.36 No.2 Special Edition" (972 yen / tax included)
・ Non "Run !!! (CD + DVD)" (released on January 1) (KRCD-0003) (1,944 yen / tax included)

[How to apply]
Reservations will be accepted from noon on Friday, January 12.
・ Daikanyama Ashiya Shoten (3rd floor, 2nd floor, music floor)
・ Telephone 03-3770-2525 (music floor)

■ SWITCH Publication Non Talk Event Details

[Date & Time] January 21, 2018 (Sunday) 15: 00-

[Location] Daikanyama, Ashiya Shoten Building No. 3, 2nd Floor Music Floor

[Capacity] 70 people

[Contact] 03-3770-2525

・ Daikanyama T-SITE

[Event] SWITCH Publication Commemoration Talk Event

・ Checkout for “SWITCH Vol.36 No.2 Special” and “RUN !!! (CD + DVD)” (KRCD-0003) released on January 1 will be on the day of the event.
・ Participation tickets and products will be handed over at checkout.
・ There is no autograph session, but the person himself will sign the magazine “SWITCH” including the name of the reservation person in advance. Therefore, we will ask for your name (hiragana name or nickname) when you apply.
・ Recording, recording, taking pictures, etc. are prohibited.
・ The event venue can be entered 30 minutes before the event starts.
・ Reissuance, cancellation, and refund of participation tickets are not accepted.
・ The event may be unavoidable and subject to change. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.