Non Makes a Movie.


Non makes a movie.
A documentary about the filmmaking journey of "Ochiwo Tsukenanse"
YouTube Originals “Nontanre (I AM NON)” has been released!

Actress Kaori Momoi and movie director Hirokazu Koreeda also appear!
Non's first directorial film/movie “Ochiwo Tsukenanse” is also released in the final episode.

"Nontare (I AM NON)"

Comment from Director Non:
"This documentary will show everything from behind the scenes of my new movie. I wanted to make a movie that can have an impact on the audience. I did it while always thinking about whether I could do it or not. My role as a Director faces many issues, but I am free to express myself in every way."


YouTube Originals ’“ I AM NON ”is a documentary of 10 episodes,
It consists of a total of 11 episodes of the movie “Ochiwo Tsukenanse” directed by Non.

Episode Release Dates:
October 2, 2019 All episodes released (for YouTube Premium members) EP 1 released for free
October 9, 2019 EP 2 free release
October 16, 2019 EP 3 free release
October 23, 2019 EP 4 free release
October 30, 2019 EP 5 Free release
November 6, 2019 EP 6 free release
November 13, 2019 EP 7 free release
November 20, 2019 EP 8 Free release
27 November 2019 EP 9 Free release
December 4, 2019 EP 10 Free release
December 11, 2019 movie "Ochiwo Tsukenanse"