Outsider Art- Kobo Yamanami Exhibition.



New York, Switzerland, Paris.

Yamanami's exhibition attracts the attention of the world.
The first exhibition at Oita Prefectural Museum of Art, "Yappari Bokuniwa Wakaran."

A representative of Japanese outsider art, Yamanami Kobo.
12 days to see valuable works such as paintings and embroidery.

The Oita Prefectural Museum of Art will hold an exhibition of Yamanami Kobo, a facility that supports people with disabilities who continues to produce original artworks.

Yamanami Kobo has attracted worldwide attention, as well as presenting works in Japan and abroad and works in world-famous collections such as the "Art Brut Collection" in Switzerland and the "ABCD Collection" in France.

Non will be conducting the audio guide for this exhibition.