Film 「Stardust Over the Town」DVD Available for Purchase!



The film『Stardust Over the Town』starring NON, is available for purchase on DVD, today.

The DVD includes bonus videos, stage greetings, and behind the scenes footage,

so please watch!


■This play that has been adored for 25 years now becomes a film!
Playwright and director, Ryuuji Mizutani makes a unit with Lasar Ishii and Takayasu Komiya to create a piece
that makes you want to laugh and cry. The first "Stardust Over the Town," performed in 1994, was called
"Stardust Over the Town, The Story of Osamu Yamada and the Hello Knights." After 25 years, the beloved play
"Stardust Over the Town" continues its series (7 all together), with the Hello Knights members and our heroin,
NON, finally on film.


■Resurrection over time!The famous songs from Showa Kayo
Koi no Kisetsu」「Souemoncho Blues」「Honkikashira」「Shinjuku no Onna」「Naka no Shima Blues」, and other Showa Kayo songs everyone has heard, are featured in the movie. Music from the Showa Era that gave you
strength and courage. The music from this era is revived in the Reiwa era. Also, pay attention to the original song
from the 1996 album release 「MISS YOU」 by Osamu Yamada and the Hello Knights called 「Shabontama」.♬


■NON's return to the silver screen!! Seven changes with an enthusiastic performance!
Extravagant veteran casting team x Heroine, NON
A surprisingly exquisite fitting.
A casting team that has been together for 25 years in perfect harmony, the Hello Knights!
The mature acting and synchronization creates a strange reality, with moments of intense laughter,
and at some points will bring you to tears. Moreover, You could say the key person of the film, NON, is appearing
in a live-action film for the first time in 6 years. Like Eliza from "My Fair Lady", this country girls transforms into
a blooming flower, and with no stand-in her transparent singing voice is light and bewitching. You can't look away
from the 7 outfit changes from the 60's. NON's transparent acting added to a skilled play that has been cultivated
over many years, she a surprising, yet amazing member who enchants those that watch her!


Stardust Over the Town[DVD 

■Available for Purchase: September 9th, 2020 (Wed)

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