NON Appears on NHK「Ano Hi, Nani wo Shite imashita ka?」Special Program.


NON is the image character for the Shinsai Densho Project 「#souieba -kiokunobaton-」that has been expanding since March  2020.

So not to forget the tragic earthquake that day, many people posted their memories.

That #souieba and programs related to the project, will air in September and NON will be the reader for (program①) and will     appear remotely for (program②).

NHK's goal is to provide lessons about The Great East Japan Earthquake for posterity, with the theme of「#Souieba Ano Hi,     Nani wo Shite imashita ka?」 (By the way, what did you do that day?).
There were over 500 various posts with thoughts overflowing about the day of the earthquake including fierce episodes, what  was felt that day, and about looking towards the future.
September marks 9 and a half years since the earthquake, this program will pass the baton onto the next generation by            introducing posts and memories so as to not forget that day.

■Program Information①
・Program Name:Ashita he Tsunageyou 「Ano Hi, Nani wo Shite imashita ka? (Let's Connect to Tomorrow: What Did You Do    that Day?」.
・Broadcasting Date:September 6th (Sun) NHK General TV Nationwide 10:05am-10:53am. ※Will re-air on September 11th, on NHK General TV at 1:00am-1:48am.
・Appearances:NON…reader, Chika Uchida…narration  A regular program that depicts the current situation of the disaster    areas from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the road to recovery as we「connect to tomorrow」.
NON will read the posted episodes, documents will be shown of contributors' interviews, and there will be introductions of         Tekken illustrations and various memories from "Ano Hi" (that day) will be drawn out three-dimensionally.
There, the "10 year post earthquake" survivors scatter "tips for happiness."

■Program Information ②
・Program Name:「Shinsai 10 nen he Ano Hi, Nani wo Shite imashita ka?」(What Did You Do 10 Years Ago, the Day of the        Earhquake?)
・Broadcasting Date:September 11th (Fri) NHK General TV Nationwide 2:40pm-3:00pm, 3:08pm-3:55pm (live airing)
・Appearances:Studio Guests…Hiroaki Murakami, Keiko Kojima, NON, Ayumi Ando, and more.
・Moderators:Announcer, Takashi Mashimo and announcer, Akiko Gōbaru
・Caster:Announcer, Yoshiaki Tsuda
・VTR Guest:SANDWICHMAN In addition to the contributed episodes thus far, this special live program will include                 contributions from "Ano Hi" in real time.
At the NHK Sendai Broadcasting Station studio, guests will be introduced talking about their various memories from "Ano Hi"   (that day).

■Related Program
・Program Name:Tohoku Koko Kara Special 「Shinsai 10 nen Ano Hi, Nani wo Shite imashita ka?」 (Tohoku Special from Here, What Did You Do 10 Years Ago, the Day of the Earthquake?).
・Date: September 11th (Fri) NHK General TV Northeast Region 7:30pm-8:42pm. A continuation of the "Ano hi" episode that    couldn't be introduced at 2:40pm.
The guests will talk about "Ano Hi" (that day).
Crossing information with the broadcasting 「Ashita he Tsunageyou」which airs on the 6th, "10 year post earthquake" survivors search for how to live from now. NHK Sendai Shinsai Densho Project #souieba -kiokunobaton-