NON, After "Inaho" is "Rice"! "Hey, Don't Forget Me!" Shouting Her Feelings about Rice with a Glossy Expression,『Iwate Junjo Mai』New CM Released!


NON was appointed for JA Zennoh Iwate (National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations Iwate Prefecture Headquarters) New commercial which will broadcast from October 1st, 2020 (Thurs).  In last years CM, NON played the part of "Inaho." She strongly shouted the pure feelings of Inaho, but this year, she will play the glamorous role of the "rice" that has been milled.

The new commercial image was a white space at the bottom of a bowl, where NON appears alone wearing a rice costume.  Giving an expression of wanting to appeal something, she desperately tries to go outside of the bowl screaming, "Hey, don't forget me! I'm here!" And then the lonely atmosphere changes, and the orchestra plays, with a smiling NON opening wide to eat the last grain of rice.

Through this new commercial, Iwate Prefecture's pride of clear air, vibrant soil, pure flow, and farmers with a genuine passion for earnestly cultivated the last grain of delicious "Iwate Junjo Rice" Is expressed.

In the interview after the filming, NON said, "(In junior high) I ate 6 helpings of rice without eating the side dishes. the next time I will be all the rice. I want to play all the rice in the bowl." In order to become the rice, she decided to wear this costume, and from the scene where she looked up and shouted lonely with a look that felt the glossiness of the rice, she was full at once. This scene that turns into a smile is a must-see.


■ Iwate Junjo Mai HP

・Title:Saigo no Hito Tsubu Hen (The last Grain Edit)(15 Seconds)
・On-Air Date:October 1st, 2020 (Thurs)
・Starring:NON ・On-Air Region:Nationwide(Terrestrial)



・6 Second WEBCM「The Last Grain in 6 Seconds」Edit Golden Wind


・6 Second WEBCM「The Last Grain in 6 Seconds」Edit Galactic Drops

・BTS Clip

This graphic of NON barefoot dressed as rice screaming, "Hey, don't forget! I'm here!" will appear sequentially in newspaper advertisements, posters and pamphlets.