Appointed to Publicize the Minimum Wage for the Second Year of Reiwa.



【Protect! Minimum Wage.】

The minimum wages for each region, which are determined for each prefecture in Japan, will be revised sequentially from October 1, 2020.

In accordance to the revision, NON has been appointed as the character for the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.  Posters, leaflets. pamphlets with information on each prefectures regional revisions for minimum wage, and there are nationwide press releases on traffic and internet advertisements.
Sequentially, posters have been hung around train stations, etc. so please check them out.
※The visual on this page is the minimum wage for Tokyo Prefecture. Minimum wage is a guaranteed system of the minimum wage (minimum wage amount) for all workers and applies to everyone irregardless of age, part-time, student, etc. If the worker is paid less than the minimum wage amount, the employer must pay the difference. In addition, If the worker and employer came to an agreed amount that is less than the current minimum wage, the agreement becomes void and the employer must pay the difference. And, if the employer doesn't pay more than the regional minimum wage, they will be fined. For an introduction on the minimum wage requirements, please visit the website below.