Finally, Tomorrow! "NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.4" -Nama Iki ni Skirt NON×Yuu Re-tag Commemoration


Finally, it's tomorrow! The last rehearsal finished without problems!

”NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.4 new song presentation! ”Nama Iki ni Skirt” NON×Yuu(Chirinuruwowaka) Re-tag Commemoration
10/3(Sat)live stream!(archive viewing available)

NON invites guest Yuu, who she admires, to a presentation battle!
What is the theme this time? And each presentation? Will this be NON's first long-cherished victory!? 

The viewers will choose the victor! 

【Live Information】
■Live Title:
Nama Iki ni Skirt” NON×Yuu(Chirinuruwowaka) Re-tag Commemoration

NON, Kei Higuchi
Yuu (Chirinuruwowaka)

October 3rd (Sat) 8:00pm-9:30pm (90 min)
※Archive Viewing Period:Until October 13th (Tues) 11:59pm

Live Stream

Live Viewing:¥1,650(w/ tax)
※NON fans can also purchase at a special price on Chirinuruwowaka Mobile. 
※Please refer to the fan club site for details.

※Viewing tickets are available for purchase until October 10th (Sat) 11:59pm. 
※Tickets purchased after the live are for archive viewing only and will be unable to post comments.