NON, Former GO!GO!7188, Yuu (Chirinuruwowaka), & Akiko Noma Re-Tag! New Song 「Nama Iki ni Skirt」Limited Edition Distribution Release! A Saucy, New Artist Photo has also Released!


Today on October 3rd (Sat), NON's music label「KAIWA(RE)CORD」released a limited edition stream single『Nama Iki ni Skirt』. In addition, A new artist photo named after「Nama Iki ni Skirt」was also released!

In 2019, NON released her first album「Baby Face」with recorded songs including「Yamanai Girl」and「Namida no Aji, Nigai Aji」in which she tag-teamed for the first time with Yuu (Chirinuruwowaka) and Akiko Noma.

The new song which received high praise from fans have been raising their voices to see the re-tag!  The long-awaited limited stream single,「Nama Iki ni Skirt」has become re-tagged.

And, this song by Yuu (Chirinuruwowaka) and Akiko Noma, whose hometown is Kagoshima, will be the theme song for Kagoshima TV program「Nama Iki VOICE」

The cover art for this is by the same art director from NON KAIWA FES vol.2, Yui Nagase (Life Lemon).

Streaming/Download distribution will be available from the following music streaming stores below from 10/3!

Apple Music



YouTube Music


This song will debut tonight, October 3rd (Sat), from 8:00pm on the paid live stream for「NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.4」. This time, the guest will be Yuu (Chirinuruwowaka) and you can see the new song performed live?! Stay tuned!

You can purchase today's live tickets here

In addition, the teaser movie for「Nama Iki ni Skirt」directed by onnacodomo has been released!

<NON's comment>
I'm so grateful that Yuu and Akko were able to make this song. Just reading the title,『Nama Iki ni Skirt』just makes you excited, don't you think? Nama iki (saucy) things are the cutest.
If you listen, the song will quickly grab your heart from the intro. My voice is also in good shape.
I was itching for a long time for everyone to hear this song. Finally! That time has come! I'm so happy! Happy〜〜! It's such a cool song. Please give it a listen.

<Chirinuruwowaka Yuu's comment>
Nama Iki VOICE」is a long loved program in Kagoshima did so much for me around the time of my debut, so I am so thrilled and honored that I was able to produce the theme song. With NON's voice there is a light and cuteness, as well as a dignified saucy girl feeling expressed making this song very satisfying.
It would make me so happy if many people will come to love this song as much as the program.

<Akiko Noma's comment>
The word「Nama iki」was surprisingly at the top of my list for wanting to use the next time I made a song with NON.
And, for a program in my hometown that has been running for 30 years for young women, 「Nama Iki VOICE」。
When I heard the new theme song and that it would be sung by NON, I could almost completely see the theme.
Strength, weakness, intelligence, cuteness, charm, and then more poisonous charms.
All to the self-proclaimed "me."
Let's shake it in a saucy skirt.

<Sound Source Credit>
Lyrics:Akiko Noma
Arrangement:Shigekazu Aida, Yuu
Sound Produced by Shigekazu Aida
Guitars:Shigekazu Aida, Yuu
Bass:Akiko Noma
Drums:Akira Tsuneoka
Synthesizers:Keisaku Nakamura
Chorus : Yuu, Akiko Noma

Vocal Direction:Hiroko Shigezumi/ Smooth Ace
Recorded & Mixed by Masayoshi Sugai
Mastered by Yuka Koizumi

<Visual Team Credit>
Art Director:Yui Nagase (Life Lemon)
Cameraman:Kentaro MINAMI (FOCUS STUDIO)
Hair&Makeup:Shihomi (FOCUS STUDIO)
Styling:Izumi Machino
Costume Cooperation: Jennyfax Rema.

<Teaser Movie Credit>