NON Appears Putting on Cosmetics for【Biteki × Daimaru・Matsuzakaya Autumn Beauty Up Special Site】!



Today (August 25th) is the release of「Biteki × Daimaru・Matsuzakaya Autumn Beauty Up Special Site」with NON!

NON takes on fall with 3 makeup items for this popular cosmetic brand!

A Khaki shade for a smokey look around the eyes, and a healthy looking coral lip shade for a perfect elegant look,
A brown lip shade for a feminine,  glamorous look,
A matte shade around the eyes for an innocent look,

And other core sophisticated looks NON transforms into!

On「Biteki×Daimaru・Matsuzakaya Autumn Beauty Up Special Site」you will find BTS of making the video an interview with an article with beauty secrets and 20 questions.

【Biteki×Daimaru・Matsuzakaya Autumn Beauty Up Special Site(in】 【Biteki×Daimaru・Matsuzakaya Autumn Beauty Up (Special Site)】 ★Digital Catalog 【Interview】
Actress・artist NON is Fascinating! With Autumn Color Cosmetics, With a Look Different from My Usual Self…Beyond My Beauty This Clear, Pure Beauty is Charming! Artist・NON 20 Questions 【Cover Making &Interview Movie】

Although, it's still hot outside and social distancing continues, please enjoy this special site with autumn cosmetic tips! Also! NON will appear on October issue of Biteki as a special feature  "I Strive for, Beautiful, Strong, Innocent Glowing Skin!"
Please check it out!