NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.3.5 Special Edition KAIWA(RE)CORD 3 Year Anniversary Live! 8/29 (Sat) Live Stream!


Let's forget the presentation battle for a little bit with a special edition live while talk about the memories of 3 years of KAIWA(RE)CORDs and singing. (Viewable after the live stream).


NON's paid ticket online live, “NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE(#NONOUCHIDEMIRULIVE)“ Special edition will live stream on August 29th (Sat).

Let's relax, sing, and remember the good times with regular member, Kei Higuchi in this volume's「NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE」.


■OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE Special Edition! KAIWA(RE)CORD 3 Year Anniversary

The theme for this "NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE" is「KAIWA(RE)CORD3Year Anniversary Live」!

Let's forget the presentation battle for a little bit with a special edition live while talk about the memories of 3 years of KAIWA(RE)CORDs and singing.

Memorable talks of the first live at "WORLD HAPPINESS 2017", "Joshibi University of Art and Design Live", "Red Bull Studio",  and a live singing sessions where they will talk about the secret stories during music production of first singles such as  "SuperHero ni Naritai" along with the panels and goods that were sold at the live venue.

There will also be a lottery for these premium goods.

Let's all talk and have fun this Saturday night.



KAIWA(RE)CORD: is a music label owned by actress & artist NON that began in August of 2017. There are plans for a new unit album release in 2020 called "NON tomo. M."



■Enjoy the archive stream as well! Viewable until September 8th. 

The archive viewings which have been on for 3 days have been significantly extended to 10 days for this stream! You can enjoy this stream until September 8th (Tues) 11:59pm. Also, after the live stream, archive tickets are still available for purchase. Even if your schedule doesn't work with the live stream, you can still enjoy the archive viewing!

※Archive tickets are still available for purchase after the live stream.

※Tickets are purchasable until September 5th (Sat) 11:59pm.



■KAIWA(RE)CORD 3 Year Anniversary T-Shirts Made-to-Order!

Made-to-order shirts will be available for purchase in commemoration of the live! The mustache visual design that is the same as President NON of KAIWA(RE)CORD's business card will be the design. The purchasing URL will is coming soon. 

NON will also be wearing the T-shirt during the live so please look forward to it!

※This product is made-to-order. Your T-shirts will be shipped after the live.

※The T-shirt color is「ivory」, and the sizes are WM, WL, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL(Please check size details on the ordering page that will be provided soon).

※The item design is in the process of development.


【A Comment From NON】

This time this is the 3rd year anniversary for my label, KAIWA(RE)CORD! I'm so happy.
Let's look back on the 3 years of KAIWA(RE)CORDs with Kei.

What should we talk about? What songs should we perform? We hope to collect memories from you on Twitter, as well. I'm so excited!

The NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE project started during lockdown, and it's become vey important to me.
I'm so happy that we can send you lives this way, now. I'm also have that I can read the words you write to me during the session.

Let's all get encouraged and enjoy this relaxed live session. I can't wait!


【Live Information】


■Artist: NON, Kei Higuchi

■Date: August 29th. 2020 (Sat) 8:00pm-9:30pm (90 min)

※Archive Viewing Period:Until September 8th (Tues) 11:59pm


■Format: Live Stream

■Ticket: Live Viewing:¥1,650(w/ tax)

■Purchasing URL


※NonKnock Members can purchase tickets at a special price in [NonKnock]. 

※Archive viewing tickets are purchasable until September 5th (Sat) 11:59pm.
※Tickets purchased after the live are for archive viewing only and will be unable to post comments. 



・The performance will be streamed through the internet
・After purchasing a ticket, you will receive an email. The email includes information on how to browse through the stream, so please confirm that you have received an email.
・The customer is responsible for internet communication costs related to browsing.
・Due to the large amount of data used for the video stream, please make sure you have a stable internet connection (Wi-Fi, etc).
・We will do our best to provide the best equipment, lines, etc. for your streaming but due to the nature of the live, there is a possibility that an unexpected suspension or disturbance may occur. Thank you for your understanding.
・You can view and browse the live stream via the purchased ZAIKO account.
・If you leave the live streaming midway and come back, you cannot go back and view what you missed until the live stream is finished. The stream will be recorded and available for viewing after the finished live.