NON Stars as the Voice of the Heart-Shaped Nose, Mixed Breed Dog Marona in the Japanese Dubbed Version of the Film "Marona's Fantastic Tale" Trailer Out Now. Online Stage Greeting Stream Set for August 20th!


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The film, with NON voicing the lead role, Marona, won the Grand Prix for feature-length animation at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF) 2020."L'extraordinaire voyage de Marona" is an animation film filled with love, art and a dog's feelings produced by Romanian female director, Anca Damian and "Tout en haut du monde" Ron Dyens.

And, the Japanese dubbed version of the trailer is now on YouTube!



On August 29th, the Japanese subtitled version will be released in theaters, and the Japanese dubbed version from September 11th with a preview of the complete cast on August 20th (Thurs). You can watch the stage greetings on live stream via YouTube Live.
Please check the viewing instruction information on the official HP website.


Live Stream:August 20 (Thurs) from 6:30pm
Scheduled Stage Greetings from:NON, Yuki Ono, Arashi Hirakawa, Yuki Yomichi
Streaming Media:Youtube Live
Viewing Instruction Information:



"Marona no Genso-teki na Monogatari" (L'extraordinaire voyage de Marona) (Marona's Fantastic Tale)

2019/Romania, France, Belgium/1:1.85/5,1ch/French/Japanese Dub/92 minutes


Director:Anca Damian

Script:Anghel Damian

Character Design:Brecht Evens

Background Art:Gina Thorstensen and Sarah Mazetti

Music:Pablo Pico

Producers:Anca Damian/Ron Dyens( "Tout en haut du monde" (Long Way North))/Thomas Layes



Sponsor:Embassy of Romania



L'extraordinaire voyage de Marona』will be released with subtitles at Shibuya Eurospace from August 29th (Sat) and the Japanese Dub will be released from September 11th at Eurospace, Shinjuku Wald 9, Umeda Burg 7 and other theaters nationwide.