On August 3rd (Mon)【NHK Education TV】NON Reads Michael Ende's "Momo" on [100 Minute Masterpiece] !


NON will read Michael Ende's "Momo"!
NHK Educational TV【100 Minute Masterpiece】 of Famous Writer Michael Ende's "Momo".

This will air from August 3rd (Mon) from 10:25am-10:50am every Monday for 4 weeks.

【About August's Masterpiece「Momo」】

「What is time?」「What is life?」「What is death?」

Fantasy is a literary work technique that makes children think about the fundamental problems that everyone has in their hearts in easy words that children can understand.

Michael Ende「Momo」This book has been translated in over 30 countries, and is loved around the world. This book, which has been in the limelight for over 90 years since it's release, will be featured on「100 Minute Masterpiece」,

The main character is Momo, a little girl who settled in the ruins of the amphitheater in the city. Attracted by her mysterious charm, adults and children began to gather around the peach one after another, creating a warm friendship with the people of the city. One day, the Men in Grey from the "Timesavings Bank" appear. They begin scam and steal the time of the lives of people in town. The hearts of the adults of the town begin to turn cold. In order to save her friends, she visits the "Country of Time." There, she meets the administrator of time, Master Hora and , a tortoise with mysterious power who come to her aid to fight the Men in Grey. What is Momo's destiny?


【Program Information】

NHK Education Television「100 pun de Meichou (100 Minute Masterpiece)」

☆Commander: Toshio Kawai(Kokoro Research Center Kyoto University Director)
☆MC:Hikaru Ijūinm, Announcer Michiko Abe
☆Narration:Yuuko Kato

Broadcast from 10:25pm on August 3rd (Mon), 10th (Mon). 17th (Mon),  and 24th (Mon)

<Re-airing>Wednesday/5:30-5:55am, 12:00am-12:25am