NON&Yoshihide Otomo&Sachiko M's 3-Person Unit「NON Tomo. M」New Single Stream Begins Today! MV Release, too!


We'll have a festival with music!
The long awaited start of the 3-person unit. NON, Yoshihide Otomo, and Sachiko M as 「NON tomo. M」Recording remotely due to coronavirus. the first song.「lalala Nichiyobi」(lalala Sunday) available for download and stream today, July 24th (Friday)!
The music video releases at the same time.

"lalala Nichiyobi" is NON's home project "#minnadelalala (everyone lalala), where over a 100 people tried out to be able to sing in this touching song. The music video was formed with NON's ideas as the base, and staff gathered around Director Hokuto to express the world view of 「NON tomo. M」. And, the person in charge of the streaming art cover design was Yui Nagase from Lemon Life.
Please look out for what's to come with this new unite「NON tomo. M」Because it's important, "let's have a festival with music "one more time!

Various Download Streaming here

Music Video here

<Participating Musicians>
・Arrangement/Guitar:Yoshihide Otomo
・Lyrics and Composition/Chorus:Sachiko M
・Piano/Keyboard:Naoko Etou
・Organs:Tatsuo Kondo
・Bass:Shinobu Kawai
・Over 100 people large remote chorus corps
・Mix: Shigeki Nakamura

<Music Video>
Producer:Naoki Watanabe
Filming:Takahiro Nakano
Lighting:Yoshitaka Shimamura
Makeup:Kaori Mori
Assistant Director:Tetsuya Okabe
MIni Pig:Mari-chan(Milk Zoo)

<Streaming Art Cover>
Photographer:Kentaro Minami(FOCUS STUDIO)
Designer:Yui Nagase(Lemon Life)
Makeup:Kaori Mori
Mini Pig:Mari-chan(Milk Zoo)

<A Comment from NON>
lalala Nichiyobi's music video was filmed with 3 people and 1 pig. I believe this is a music video that will give you energy and make you happy when watching.
The filming was taken with Mari-chan the mini pig, with a peaceful mood from beginning to end filled with laughter on the set.
And, thanks to the warmth of  everyone who participated in the chorus, the level of happiness was raised up a bar.
This is a song I want many people to hear. Please listen to this to accompany your Sunday.

<A Comment from Yoshihide Otomo>
My mission for this song「lalala Nichiyobi」which NON invited me to be a part of and Sachiko M made was how to synchronize this song with NON while remote working. Not being able to meet in person, and all the lalala singing voices that were sent and the musicians breathing together felt lovely.  The voices and performances that came together were born into this song. I'm also grateful to Shigeki Nakamura for mixing the sound sources that were in pieces.

<A Comment from Sachiko M>
Thank you for waiting!「lalala Niyobi」is finally delivered to the world while being blown by strong winds! When NON invited, I wasn't expecting or imagining it in this way, being remote and unable to leave the house and receiving everyone's lalalas to make a song. But, I believe that because of this, it became a nice, warm song. Praying for the day when we can sing "lalala" together! Sending it out to the world!

<Social Distancing Projects Up to this Point>
1st「 #minnanoheyaju
Like NON's song "Watashi ha Heyaju", this project had people applying via YouTube and Twitter "showing an aspect of fulfillment in their bedrooms" in videos or photos. In addition to picking up and introducing the submitted works, NON awarded prizes for Awards of Excellence to selected entries.

Live streaming with guitarist, Kei Higuchi. During the live, they present songs and new apparel merchandise, and viewers choose the winner in a battle format. It's a series which live streams irregularly.

3rd「 #minnadelalala 」
The song "lalala Nichiyobi" in production with NON tomo. M which gathered applications for chorus participants via SNS. Participants record and send their chorus entries via smartphone, etc., so you can contribute remotely. During the selection process, the song and artists were hidden, so it was a nice surprise for the fans.