NON Drawings of Characters to Heighten Awareness of SDGs for SDGs People 1st Issue have Released!「JAPAN SDGs Action」Official Characters Decided!


On October 11th, 2o20, Asahi Shimbun sponsored "Asahi World Forum 2020", an online event with appearances by UNIC's Director, Kaoru Nemoto and withnews Editor-in-Chief, Shojiro Okuyama, discussing "SDGs without Hurdles" and "Personalization of SDGs."

Among this, characters were announced to heighten awareness for SDGs and the official characters were certified by "JAPAN SDGs Action".

NON "drew these 4 characters that work hard together to promote SDGs".

Here is the introduction for the released characters.
※From the left in the image 

・「SDG Ko」&「SDG Otto」
- Characters that want to learn with and teach you about SDGs
- Their bodies are the earth, and pupils are the colors of SDGs
- They are studying SDGs and are trying to work on doing better
-To get closer to SDGs they use "Let's sell our duty to the earth" as a catch phrase pillar,  and make the earth more sustainable.
- Favorite phrase, "Chikyu ni On ga Ureta!" (I was able to sell my duty to the earth!"

- Saki-chan is good at making flowers bloom, and has flowers on her head. Her personality blooms and wilts with emotions.
- Shiro-chan who uses knowledge to guide SDG Ko and SDG Otto and is like a hermit who is familiar with SDGs.
- Shiro-chan is very good at taking care of trees and Saki-chan sees as a rival.

There are plans to begin a serialization of these characters on the Asahi Shimbun news site, withnews.

Let's personalize SDGs!

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