October 13th Broadcast【Clothes Up Gendai +「Move Society! "Lifestyle Change" for Women 】Appearance


The keyword is "sustainability".
JAPAN SDGs Action SDGs People 1st issue selected "NON" who spoke about sustainability and up-cycling.

Scheduled Broadcast:
NHK G October 13th, 2020 (Tues) 10:00pm (changes in schedule due to things like  natural disasters may occur)

Studio Appearance:Ayako Sonoda(Cre-en CEO/NPO Sustainability Forum Japan
Executive Director /FRaU SDGs project member), Shinichi Taketa caster , Akiko Gobaru announcer

VTR Appearance:NON (Actress, Sosaku artist, JAPAN SDGs Action SDGs People 1st Issue)

For details, check the official HP!