”NON Tomo. M” First Album Release on December 24th! In Addition, "Ashita ga aru sa" Pre-Release MV. Check out the Luxurious Performing Guests!


It's been decided that the 3 person unit, NON, Otomo Yoshihide and Sachiko M's first album, "NON Tomo. M", will be released on December 24th (Thurs) by KAIWA(RE)CORD! It is scheduled to reveal the recorded music and participating artists, but first the release of the music video for one of the recorded songs in the album, "Ashita ga aru sa" (There's always tomorrow) music video has been released.
Music Video Here


The 1963 huge hit number by Kyu Sakamoto, "Ashita ga aru sa" (composition by Hachidai Nakamura, lyrics by Yukio Aoshima) was covered by the 3 members from NON Tomo. M and guests with deep connections. Otomo Yoshide's special big band was in charge of the performance. There were also guest vocals by luxurious performers Kyoko Koizumi, Toshinori Omi, Minori Omi, Hairi Katagiri, and Eri Watanabe who fully embrace the charm of the song with this cover. Around this time, the lifestyle of being busy with infectious disease countermeasures has changed to a lifestyle based on the premise that countermeasures are commonplace. Now that everyone is working hard for the coming "as usual",  we want to deliver "there's always tomorrow" that sings the usual daily life and hope for tomorrow. And we want to bring a smile as much as possible! The blockbuster song "Ashita ga Aru sa", which has been sung since the Showa era, will be sung by NON Tomo M. We will perform with a big band closely related to M, and it will be a number that everyone wants to sing because it's a gift for everyone with guests.

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●NON Official Fan Club "NON KNOCK"
Reservation Deadline: If you purchase a reservation by December 3rd, you will receive by around December 22nd.
* Non-fan club members may reserve/purchase the normal edition.

*If reservations exceed expectations, the reservation deadline may end earlier. 
We plan to start pre-order sales on other platforms in the future.

<Album Information>

Release Date:December 24th, 2020 (Thurs)
Price:¥3300(before tax)


*When Making a Reservation
NON & Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M 3 person unit "Non Tomo. M" 1st album "Showtime!" will be released on December 24th!
Pre-orders have started on the NON official fan club "NON KNOCK" site. The songs and participating artists will be revealed in the future, but pre-orders for the album via NON KNOCK will begin as soon as possible. Please wait for the follow-up report of the album while enjoying the two songs "lalala Nichiyobi" and "Ashita ga Aru sa" that are being released in advance!

<"Ashita ga Aru Sa" Credit>

Lyrics:Yukio Aoshima
Composition:Hachidai Nakamura
Horn Arrangement:Shunsuke Ohkuchi
Recording Mix:Shigeki Nakamura

Vocals:NON, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M
Kyoko Koizumi, Toshinori Omi, Minori Omi, Hairi Katagiri, Eri Watanabe,
& all musicians


Performers:Otomo Yoshihide's Special Big Band

Otomo Yoshihide(guitar)
Naoko Eto(piano)
Tatsuo Kondo(keyboard)
Hiroshi Sato(flute, piccolo)
Rie Inoue(clarinet)
Hiroshi Suzuki(sax)
Ryota Higashi(sax)
Ryoko Egawa(sax)
Shutoku Sato(trumpet)
Osamu Imagome(trombone)
Jinya Kimura(tuba)
Shunsuke Ohkuchi(accordion)
Shinobu Kawai(bass)
Takefumi Kobayashi(drums)
Hitomi Aikawa(percussion, vibraphone)
Nanae Uehara(marinba)



<Music Video Credit>
Producer:NON Tomo. M
Co-Producer: Naoki Watanabe
Filming:Yoshihisa Toda
Filming:Hiroshi Iwanaga
Grading:BUCK UP Co., Ltd.
Title:Masaomi Kanzaki
Production:Saya Yoshizaki (KAIWA(RE)CORD)
Cooperation:Rikimaru Nakamura(Hachidai Corporation)


<A Comment from NON>

It's because it's this era, that I want to do a positive song that explains "There's Always Tomorrow" which I covered. I am honored to sing a song again with wonderful people who have a lot of power.
Luxurious! I was able to record "Ashita ga aru sa".

When I watch the music video, I naturally grin. It was fun! I remember that feeling and my heart pounding.

At first, Ms. Koizumi and Mr. Omi sang together, and the recording started with great excitement.Ms. Eri brought in pineapple, yogurt, and corn, and everyone made a fuss. When I listened to the completed sound source after recording Minori Omi, it was too good, and I listened to it all the time.

Mr. Otomo started saying he wants to call everyone, and I'm really happy that it has come true. Because of this time, I want to deliver a lot of power to a lot of people with this tomorrow. Everyone, please listen! !!


<A Comment from Otomo Yoshihide>

One of my favorite composers in the world is Hachidai Nakamura. And when I was a kid, I loved it, and the singer Kyu Sakamoto came up with a dream. It is no exaggeration to say that I grew up with songs by Kyu-chan and Hachidai, including "Ashita ga Aru sa". In addition, for me who grew up in Crazy Cats, "Ashita ga Aru sa" written by Yukio Aoshima, who was in charge of the lyrics, is exceptional. When I was making music for "Ama-chan," those Showa songs were always in the corner of my head. It's no longer a reward God has given to all of us that we can record "Ashita ga Aru sa" with the members of the big band who made "Ama-chan" together at this time. I think so. I want to share this feeling with everyone. There's always tomorrow! I think so.
<A Comment from Sachiko M

"Ashita ga aru sa" with these members! "NON Tomo. M. " customary? Masterpiece cover series. Mr. Otomo's reckless idea has come true. At this time, I feel it's a miracle that I was able to announce "There's always tomorrow" in this way. We received a lot of cooperation. Someday, while dreaming that it will be shown on stage, an album with the concept of fictitious showtime will be released. What will come out? Please look forward to it!


<A Comment from Kyoko Koizumi>

I participated in the recording at the request of "NON Tomo. M". In this world, only NON-chan can gather these members! I think NON-chan's positive message will reach someone's heart like a bright morning light.

We will always come together if NON-chan raises her hand in the future. After all, we are Three J Productions. Only those who understand it need to know (lol).

<A Comment from Toshinori Omi>

I was informed by NON that "she wants to request a friendship appearance ... Would you like to sing?" I simply said "OK!", however, I was nervous about recording! But it was fun! ︎ I hope the people who hear it will be happy and feel better.


<A Comment from Minori Omi>

A large collection of friend appearances from NON-chan! I participated before as a member of "In This Corner of the World". The MV that cuts out the recorded scenery is full of smiles and makes me happy! It was a very fun recording while flowers were blooming and chatting with NON-chan, Mr. Otomo, and Ms. Sachiko. Because of this era, I want to walk with a smile saying, "There's always tomorrow." May the circle of smiles spread!


<A Comment from Hairi Katagiri>

This song was playing when I went to a shopping mall in the neighboring town for the first time after the request to refrain from going out ended. Tears fell down.

This was the hit song of the year I was born. I sang with my nostalgic and encouraging friends. Let's sing as many times as we like that "There's always tomorrow"!


<A Comment from Eri Watanabe>

NON-chan, who cheered up everyone in Japan with "Ama-chan", cheered us up again while dealing with the coronavirus.

Innocent, pure innocence.

She's a rare actor who fits these words.

It is believed that NON-chan will bring tomorrow.


<About Leading Single "lalala Nichiyobi">

The long-awaited unit "NON Tomo. M" started by these three people, NON, Yoshihide Otomo, and Sachiko M. About the download and streaming distribution of the first song "lalala Nichiyobi" produced via remote recording during the social distancing caused by coronavirus, and the music video.
Various Download Streaming Here
Music Video Here