The MV of "Namaiki ni Skirt" featuring NON in collaboration with the former members of GO!GO!7188 Yu (Chirinuruwowaka) and Akiko Noma has been released! Don't miss NON's first-ever skirt dance in the MV!


The MV of "Namaiki ni Skirt" featuring Non in collaboration with the former members of GO!GO!7188 Yu (Chirinuruwowaka) and Akiko Noma showcasing a wonderful feminine style has been released the day before the launch of the most anticipated movie of the season "Watashi wo Kuitomete" starring Non!
Don't miss Non's first-ever skirt dance in the MV!

The music video for the digital single "Namaiki ni Skirt" released on October 3rd (Saturday) by Non's own music label "KAIWA(RE)CORD" has been released! This MV which embraces a wonderful feminine style was released one day before the launch of the most anticipated movie of the season "Watashi wo Kuitomete" starring Non.

NON - Namaiki ni Skirt【Official Music Video】

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The art direction and editing of this music video have been performed by onnacodomo, who was also responsible for the opening movie of NON KAIWA FES vol.2 and the teaser movie of "Namaiki ni Skirt." The result is a colorful and kaleidoscopic collage that vividly expresses the worldview depicted in the track.
Don't miss Non's skirt dance in the MV!

<About the Song>
Non collaborated with Yu (Chirinuruwowaka) and Akiko Noma for the first time when working on the two tracks "Yamanai Girl" and "Namida no Aji, Nigai Aji" from her first mini-album "Baby Face" released in 2019.
Fans absolutely loved these tracks and wanted to see Non collaborate further with them, and this digital single "Namaiki ni Skirt" marked their long-awaited reunion.
This track also serves as the theme song for the program "Nama Iki VOICE" broadcasted by Kagoshima TV back in the hometown of Yu (Chirinuruwowaka) and Akiko Noma. "Namaiki ni Skirt" can be streamed and downloaded at the online stores of various music streaming platforms.

<Comment from NON>
"Namaiki ni Skirt" is a collaboration with "Nama Iki VOICE" broadcasted by Kagoshima TV as well as with Yu and Akko. This is a song that I personally love a lot.
We made a sassy ("namaiki") MV for this song!
I asked onnacodomo, who did the opening for NON KAIWA FES vol.2 as well, to help me with this MV.
This MV contains many fun scenes with skirts and has a sassy and cute atmosphere. I hope everyone will like it!

<Comment from onnacodomo コメント>
Although we may cry and get angry at unreasonable things or views of others when we are alive, we also often find it really enjoyable to secretly take care of something we are excited about in our hearts.
When I heard Namaiki ni Skirt, I experienced precisely that feeling which really resonated with me, so I had wanted to portray that feeling in the MV.
I also got many ideas from Non, and we created a colorful and sassy MV. I hope that all of you will enjoy watching an unrestrained and stylish Non.
In the cut-scene with the photocopy paper, the copied images of Non were torn and colored with vibrant colors to express her uninhibited personality.
Enjoy singing along and doing the skirt dance as you watch the MV!

<Music Video Credit>
Shooting(MOVIE) :Rui Shimamoto, Woomin HYUN
Hair and Makeup:Shihomi (FOCUS STUDIO)
Costumes:Izumi Machino
Produced by:NON
Costumes provided by: ANREALAGE
Jenny Fax
Sister Jane

<Song Credit>
Lyrics:Akiko Noma
Composed by:Yuu
Arranged by:Shigekazu Aida, Yuu
Sound Produced by: Shigekazu Aida
Guitars:Shigekazu Aida, Yuu
Bass:Akiko Noma
Drum:Akira Tsuneoka
Synthesizers:Keisaku Nakamura
Chorus : Yuu, Akiko Noma
Recorded & Mixed by : Masayoshi Sugai
Mastared by : Yuka Koizumi

<onnacodomo  Profile>
VJ / Video director
onnacodomo is a unit comprising the graphic artist Ruka Noguchi and the filmmaker Yasuko Seki. The duo has been involved in unique VJ performances at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL (with Buffalo Daughter) and Coachella (with Ryan Hemsworth) that involve session-based projections of real-time collages utilizing various everyday objects such as water, toys, and printed materials without any CG or recorded media. onnacodomo also produces video works that draw on the worldviews of VJs. Recent works include the direction of "TERRITORY," "PASTORAL ANARCHY," and 4 other MVs from Hiroshi Fujiwara's album "SLUMBERS 2," as well as the direction of the "Hei Tanaka/Imi wa Nai" MV, etc.
onnacodomo has also been holding exhibitions of its collages since 2018 and has expanded the scope of its works to include collaborations with the ceramic artist "MATKA," etc.