NON will appear in Godiva's 2021 Valentine's Day collection "Glittering Feelings." The collection also features a new art piece!


GV_600 For Valentine's Day 2021, Godiva has created a limited-edition collection titled "Glittering Feelings." The collection goes on sale from January 8th and symbolizes Godiva's hopes, wishes, and aspirations. NON was chosen as an "image character" to represent the collection!

There's more! NON has created an art piece for the project, and the work has been selected as one of the collection's main visuals! (See it on the Godiva homepage!) Drawn by NON, the painting was inspired by the theme "Glittering Feelings." As part of the collaboration, novelty items decorated with the artwork will be gifted to lucky purchasers of applicable products. Winners are to be selected by lottery. * Please see the Godiva homepage for details.

NON's beloved chocolate! Enjoy this special 2021 Valentine's Day collaboration, featuring the actress and creative artist NON.


■ Comments from NON

Thoughts on the collaboration I was very happy. It's a collaboration with Godiva, which is the first name that comes to mind when you think about chocolate. When I first heard about the opportunity, I shouted, "Yes!" and was genuinely happy to hear about it.

・ Valentine's Day memories Each year, my classmates and I would make a big fuss about what chocolates to make and who to give them to. I remember really looking forward to it every year. Glittering feelings for Godiva I began working around when I was in middle school. From that time, for work, I would take a bullet train from Himeji Station to Tokyo. After I became a high school student, I started living in Tokyo. When, for the first time in a while, I returned to Himeji Station, there was a Godiva store that had opened there. I remember my "glittering feelings" of surprise as I shouted, "There's a Godiva at Himeji Station!"

・ About the artwork Since the packaging is in the shape of a heart, I wanted to make use of a heart as the motif (of the work). When you open the box, there's a chocolate universe that expands before you, with moon and star chocolates, berry chocolates, spiced chocolates, and many other chocolates. There's an image of joy and anticipation associated with the collection, so I chose to use and mix a variety of colors.


■ Valentine's Day 2021 "Glittering Feelings"

・ Official site
・ Sale period: January 8th (Fri) - February 15th (Mon), 2021
※ End dates vary by store location.
・ Availability: Godiva shops nationwide and department store special event shops
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