Four new Raksul TV commercials, including "Delivery Date Designation", to air nationwide from February 13, 2021! NON visits Raksul's printing factory to see how the company is evolving!


Raksul, for whom NON has been an "image character" since 2019, will begin airing four new commercials nationwide on February 13, 2021 (Sat). The commercials are "Delivery Date Designation", "Expanded Item Offering" (A) and (B), and "On-Demand Printing".

The previous series of TV commercials featured NON sharing the appeal of Raksul by shouting, "Cheap! Fast! Easy!" For this new series, NON visits the Raksul's printing factory to see how the company has further evolved and to share its appeal.

For the "Delivery Date Designation" commercial, against the backdrop and ambiance of the real Raksul factory, NON shares how customers can now specify delivery dates for their orders.
For the "Expanded Item Offering" commercials, NON introduces Raksul's new lineup of over 3000 novelty goods while also sharing her goods featuring the hand-drawn character "Warui-chan" and the KAIWA(RE)CORD logo.
For the "On-Demand Printing" commercial, an energetic NON reports from the factory warehouse to share how customers can now print only what they need and only when they need it.

Enjoy the experience of a private factory tour while also seeing how Raksul has evolved! 最新TVCMは下記からチェック!
・ "Delivery Date Designation"
"Expanded Item Offering" (A)
"Expanded Item Offering" (B)
・ "On-Demand Printing"

Printing is cheap! Fast! And easy! It's only natural!
"Switch to Raksul!"

About Raksul Inc.
Based on its corporate vision of "changing systems to change the world for the better," Raksul brings the power of the Internet to traditional industries such as printing, logistics, and advertising that have lagged on digitization, aiming to change industrial structures and make the world a better place. Currently, the company provides three services: Raksul, a printing and marketing share-platform; Hacobell, an online logistics share-platform; and Novasell, an advertising platform.

Raksul's "digital productivity revolution"
In addition to streamlining transactions via the construction of sharing platforms, Raksul will aim to further streamline operations by providing software (SaaS) and other related services. By improving "transactions" and "operations," Raksul boosts the productivity of Japanese industries and companies. Raksul brings industrial transformation to traditional industries that have lagged on digitization to realize a better future for the Japanese economy.