SMADEN CO2 Zero's TV Ad feat. Image Character NON Goes On-Air Throughout Japan on February 15th, 2021!


i Grid Solutions, Inc. announced NON as their Image Character on January 21st, 2021, and the TV commercial "SMADEN CO2 Zero: Opening Session" for their all-new plan "SMADEN CO2 Zero" goes on-air all over Japan starting today!

"SMADEN CO2 Zero" is a newly developed, eco-friendly & sustainable service from i Grid. They provide household electricity, "SMADEN" (スマ電®), with the concept of delivering "Smart Electricity to Homes." Their electricity is practically 100% renewably sourced with zero CO2 emission thanks to a combination of fossil fuel power such as coal power generation and FiT power generation with non-fossil certificates designated for renewable energy.

NON expresses the hallmark of SMADEN CO2 Zero—zero CO2 emission—by making a "zero pose" in the TV commercial.
Also, to commemorate the TV ad release, they have a campaign starting Monday, February 15th, where one winner chosen by lottery will win a guitar signed by NON.

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Comments from NON:
As the first representative of Japan's SDGs People, it has been a great pleasure to have the chance to appear in the commercial for SMADEN CO2 Zero. SMADEN CO2 Zero is one of the SDGs that one can start close to home; while being kind to the earth, it is also kind to all of us who inhabit the planet! I felt that it represents that kind of electric power. I usually play a red Telecaster, but this time around, they had prepared a green Tele on the ad recording set to go with the SMADEN color scheme. Feeling a bit shy while pretend-playing this guitar that I was holding for the first time, it was quite a delightful recording.

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