March 1 On sale : NON's Original Art Adorning Fukui's Traditional Crafts × BEAMS JAPAN: FUKUI TRAD Collaboration Items


FUKUI TRAD is a collaboration project by BEAMS JAPAN that brings seven of Fukui's traditional crafts closer to everyone.

As the first step, "FUKUI TRAD"—traditional crafts made with original artwork by NON—(24 items in total) will go on sale from March 1st, 2021 at BEAMS JAPAN Shinjuku! (The in-store sale will last until Sunday, April 25th.)
The items will also be available at BEAMS' official online store from Monday, March 1st to Thursday, September 30th.
Be sure to take this opportunity to experience the seven delightful traditional crafts of Fukui!
It's a limited-edition sale! Don't miss it! nonsanillust_ 
FUKUI TRAD's official website also has project movies & announcement videos for the collab. The video introduces the traditional crafts, comments by BEAMS's buyers about the crafts, and NON taking part in creation of the crafts. 


— To carry the traditions forward, so they may be enjoyed a hundred years from now as well:
The project unites seven traditional crafts of Fukui prefecture to bring the arts closer to everyone.
It refines and creates a never-seen-before charm of Fukui, developing crafts rooted in everyday life to color-up the next hundred years.


There are seven traditional crafts of Fukui designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan. These include Echizen Shikki Lacquerware, Echizen Washi Paper, Wakasa Menou-Zaiku Agate Work, Wakasa Nuri Lacquerware, Echizen Uchihamono Forged Blades, Echizen Yaki Pottery, and Echizen Tansu Chests. BEAMS JAPAN & NON have renewed these traditional crafts with the two themes: "interior items" to enrich the modern lifestyle and "items to enhance women's beauty" for fashion & beauty.

The range features "traditional crafts to enrich everyday life," such as chopsticks, knives, chests of drawers, and "traditional crafts for beauty & fashion," such as cheek brushes, scrunchies, and bangles.

Enjoy the two delightful ranges of products designed with the modern lifestyle in mind.

Please visit FUKUI TRAD's official website or check out BEAMS' official online store for the range of products and details.

■On Display & Sale At:
BEAMS JAPAN, Shinjuku (On sale until Sunday, April 25th)
1st Floor, 3-32-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (No Scheduled Holidays)
Note: Some items are made-to-order—please ask the staff for details.

■Online Store :
BEAMS Official Online Store (On sale until Thursday, September 30th)
The sale will end once stock runs out. (Additional orders can be placed.)