NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.3 is now available on ZAIKO ENCORE!



ZAIKO, a ticket-based digital live streaming service, has begun offering encore broadcast access to NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.3, which was originally streamed in July of last year!

The broadcast will be available on ZAIKO ENCORE, a flat-rate subscription service offered by ZAIKO. It plans to add other live broadcasts in the future! Please have a look.

※There are currently plans to offer encore broadcasts of vol.3.5 and vol.4.
※The content of the broadcast will be the same as the original.

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Those who have already registered can watch for no added cost.

ZAIKO ENCORE is a flat-rate monthly subscription service with a fee of ¥600 (tax included).
ZAIKO ENCORE subscribers can access the Encore Theater, a video library featuring a carefully curated collection of past broadcasts. The videos can be watched at any time and on any device.
※Not all broadcast videos have their archive periods extended.


A letter of challenge from Yoshihide Otomo and Sachiko M!

In the previous (vol.2) #NONOUCHIDEMIRULIVE, NON received a letter of challenge from Yoshihide Otomo and Sachiko M. Now, she is teaming up with her hitherto rival Kei Higuchi to take on the duo in a battle-style live performance. NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE (#NONOUCHIDEMIRULIVE) is a paid online live performance based on the concept of "everyone's room becomes a live music club!"

This event features a live musical battle between the two tag teams of "NON, Higuchi Kei" and "Yoshihide Otomo, Sachiko M." The pairs decide on the production, arrangement, and costumes for the songs they will present, battling it out to decide the winner! The theme for this battle is "Something crunchy and cold!" What kind of costumes will the teams present? And what kind of production and arrangement will they use to bring you summer vibes?

Watch, and find out!

【NON's comment (At time of original broadcast)】

For this third edition of NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE, we will be welcoming guests to the live broadcast for the first time. After receiving a letter of challenge, I've teamed up with Kei, and I'm all fired up! After all, I have by my side "King" Kei, who completely defeated me twice in a row! How strong! I feel bad for Mr. Otomo and Ms. Sachiko, but we will be the victors this time. Because we have Higuchi Kei, the "Presentation King." I've also trained my presentation skills and will be snatching victory with double my previous power. My first victory is finally in sight. I'm really looking forward to it.