NON was featured on the cover of mini October edition (on sale from September 1st).


(Regular issue cover) photo_SHU ASHIZAWA[S-14] (Regular issue cover) photo_SHU ASHIZAWA[S-14]The October issue of mini, which will go on sale from September 1, 2021 (*dates may vary in some areas), will have a sneakers (fashion) feature!
NON will appear on the cover in a style that only NON, who loves to wear sneakers every day!

The cover girl feature page matches the cover, and introduces the playful style of a slightly more mature NON in sneakers, and also features an interview.
She speaks about her favorite sneakers and her work.
The sneakers brand that NON has collaborated with may also make an appearance!

And! In addition to the regular issue, NON will also appear in the mini extra issue!
We made the cover in a style that differs from regular issues.
*The regular issue and the special issue will have different covers and appendices.
*Some of articles will not be included in the regular mini October issue.
*Please check the mini website for more information.(増刊号表紙) photo_SHU ASHIZAWA[S-14] (増刊号表紙) photo_SHU ASHIZAWA[S-14]

The cover girl making-of video is also available now!

Make sure you check it out!

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