NON's film was featured in the GALA section of the Shanghai International Film Festival! Tickets sold out in five minutes! "Ribbon," which stars and is directed by NON, had its world premiere on June 12, 2021 during the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival



The film "Ribbon" (scheduled for release in 2022) which NON wrote, directed, and stars in, was screened on June 12 as a special invitation film for the GALA section of the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival. Of the 500-odd films screened from around the world, only a few were also selected for the GALA section. The film was able to make its world premiere in a prestigious category.

Tickets for three screenings on June 12, 17, and 18 were sold out in a mere five minutes! NON has many fans in Asia, and the ticket sales showed just how well-known she truly is.

The June 12 screening of the film on the UME International Cineplex HALL ONYX 4K LED

A video message from Director NON was played before the main screening. NON began her speech with fluent Chinese, sharing her gratitude and feelings for the film. She was met with warm applause. The audience was amazed by how the movements of colorful ribbons were used to express the flow of the protagonist's emotions. Another comical scene left the audience laughing out loud. After the screening, the audience channeled NON's effort and enthusiasm into a roar of applause that filled the hall.


Director NON's video message

Hello guests and viewers. This is NON.
Thank you for inviting "Ribbon" to the GALA section of the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival. This is the first feature film I have directed, and this will also be the film's world premiere.
I am honored to have all of you here today be the first in the world to see my film.
In 2020, COVID-19 put the world in a difficult situation.
With COVID-19, films, live music, theater, art exhibitions, and other entertainment venues all over the world were canceled after being labeled "unnecessary and unurgent."
It was as if entertainment was deemed "something we do not need in order to live."
However, for me, COVID-19 reinforced the important role that movies, art, and other forms of entertainment play in our lives. Who I am today has been shaped by the films and artworks that I have seen.

Last year, graduation exhibitions for art university students were also canceled.
I was shocked upon seeing an interview with students who, after working on their artworks for an entire year, were unable to exhibit them. "It was like my work was just a piece of garbage," said one student.
The cancellation made the students lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

That was why I decided to make this film.
I hope "Ribbon" will reinforce just how important entertainment will be in the post-COVID-19 world.

Thank you, and please enjoy the film.

* Both the Chinese and Japanese parts of the speech have been translated into English.


■Reasons for GALA selection

This film is packed with refreshing Japanese visual aesthetics, just like how NON has evolved from an actor to a director. It carefully portrays the trajectory of the lives and relationships of several young people who were forced by the COVID-19 pandemic to change their way of life. Although this film revolves around the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not weighed down by a heavy theme, and the charms of the girl and her lively youth are beautifully expressed from the perspective of a young female director.

Ribbon is also a film that charts the evolution of the protagonist and captures a quintessential part of her youth, which gives rise to an endearing and tender overall atmosphere. It is also a film that sends a powerful message that young people will never give up no matter how terrible the state of the world becomes. A little conflict, rebellion, and encouragement will surely guide all the youths in the right direction.

(Comments from the SIFF Selection Committee)


【Overview of the world premiere

24th Shanghai International Film Festival
Film Festival Period: June 11 - June 20, 2021

"Ribbon" film screening schedule *All times are in the local time zone

- June 12 (Saturday) 3:30 PM~
- June 17 (Thursday) 3:30 PM~
- June 18 (Friday) 8:50 PM~

"Ribbon" film information
- Title: Ribbon
- Release date: 2022
- Screenplay/Director/Starring: NON
- Special effects: Shinji Higuchi
- Special effects producer: Katsuro Onoue
- Production supervisor: Atsushi Fukuda
- Executive producer: Tomoyuki Miyagawa
- Creative supervisor: Masaomi Kanzaki, Mitsuko Takizawa
- Producer: Chikako Nakabayashi
- Planning: NON
- Production company: Booster Project
- Production: Nihon Eiga Channel / NON / Speedy / Comidia / inkAnkh