Cast reveal for "Ribbon," the film written by and starring NON (part one): Rio Yamashita as Itsuka's good friend and Daichi Watnabi as the man in the park



The main cast for the film "Ribbon" (to be released in 2022), which NON wrote, directed, and stars in, has been revealed!
Rio Yamashita will appear as Hirai, a good friend of the art university student Itsuka played by NON. Daichi Watanabe will appear as the man Itsuka meets many times in her neighborhood park!

 Comment from Director NON to Rio Yamashita
For the character Hirai, I imagined a cool friend that the protagonist looks up to.
For me, Rio was the perfect match. Hirai has intense emotions but does not express them honestly. Rio did a wonderful job of capturing this shaky complexity in her performance.

In fact, I wrote the part while thinking of Rio. Without permission. I'm really glad to have been able to make it a reality.
It was a joy to be able to perform together seriously again!


Comment from Director NON to Daichi Watanabe

I collaborated with Mr. Watanabe at a festival held by the rock musician Kiyoshiro Imawano. That was a wonderful and memorable performance. After working together on this film, I felt that he was a wonderful actor.

Mr. Watanabe plays a mysterious man who the protagonist meets many times in a park. His natural-yet-fantastical aura meshed well with the world of "Ribbon." Thanks to Mr. Watanabe, I think we were able to create a vivid and charming character.


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