[Announcement for December 11th (Saturday)] "OUCHI DE JOSHIKAI Live Stream supported by Café de Paris" will be streamed live on "NON Yaroga! Channel"!!


"OUCHI DE JOSHIKAI Live Stream supported by Café de Paris," a collaboration project between Café de Paris and "NON Yaroga! Channel," will be streamed live from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM on December 11th (Saturday), 2021. For this live stream, MC NON will welcome guests Akari Suda (SKE 48 Team E leader) and Asuka Kijima (fashion model) for an early Christmas girls' party in a room with stylish and adorable decorations inspired by the colorful worldview of Café de Paris! The girls will look back on moments from 2021 that pop out at them while enjoying Café de Paris sparkling wine alongside food and other gifts that will surely get everyone in a festive mood for Christmas.

■Date/time of the live stream: December 11th (Saturday), 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
More information on the distribution period of the archived video will be announced on "NON Yaroga! Channel" in due course.

■URL to watch the live stream: YouTube Channel "NON Yaroga! Channel"


■Organizer: Ekkyo Hoso Production Committee
■Sponsor: Café de Paris

The latest information on "OUCHI DE JOSHIKAI Live Stream supported by Café de Paris" will be posted on the following websites and social media accounts.
・NON's YouTube Channel, "NON Yaroga! Channel" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTXy0Aer3qovlJOpcSXAoAA
・NON's Official Website https://nondesu.jp/
・NON's Official Twitter https://twitter.com/non_dayo_ne
・Ekkyo Hoso Official Twitter  https://twitter.com/ekkyouhousou
・Café de Paris Official Twitter https://twitter.com/Cafedeparis_JP

[Akari Suda's Profile]
Akari Suda joined SKE48 as a third-generation member in November 2009, and she is currently the leader of SKE48 Team E. She was nominated as one of the "Kami Seven" goddesses for two consecutive years in the 2016 and 2017 general elections, and she finally won second place in 2018. Known as the "Queen of Handshake Meetings" for her warm-hearted treatment of fans at handshake meetings, she has also dazzled the audience of variety shows and tabloid TV shows with her natural gift for conversation. She is also engaged in many other activities as a core member of SKE48, including her involvement in radio programs and newspaper serialization.

[Asuka Kijima's Profile]
Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Asuka Kijima is an exclusive model for "non-no" and a regular weather forecaster on NTV's morning news show "ZIP!" She has also appeared in shows such as GIRLS AWARD and Kobe Collection while being actively involved in commercials, advertising, and acting. She has recently been expanding the scope of her activities by launching her YouTube channel "Asuka-sanchi" and "Asuka Kijima's Game Channel" on OPENREC.tv.

About Café de Paris
Café de Paris began production in France, the home of wine, in 1967. Their fruit sparkling wine brewed in France is well-loved by many customers in Japan as well. In addition to the eight standard flavors, limited-edition items are also available.

Website: http://www.pernod-ricard-japan.com/