Trailer produced by Shunji Iwai!! Movie theme song “Boku dake no mono” by Sambomaster revealed! Release of trailer of the movie “Ribbon”, directed and starred by NON, and its soundtrack


Witnessing the tragedy that befell art students who had to cancel their graduate exhibition, thereby losing the chance to live their youth to the fullest, NON organized, directed, and starred in her first feature film, “Ribbon”, in hopes of providing relief for people who are burnt out from the ordeal.
The [Latest Trailer with Soundtrack] of this movie was revealed today and it was announced that the trailer was produced by Mr. Shunji Iwai.



To the tune of Sambomaster's emotional soundtrack,
the trailer shows off the various emotions of Non and the rest of the cast
from the unique perspective of Shunji Iwai!

■In the 15-second, 30-second, and 60-second movie trailers released today, the soundtrack made by Sambomaster specifically for this movie, “Boku dake no mono”, was also revealed.
“You have not lost your wings, Spread those wings now towards life and the light
As the darkness comes to an end, and reclaim it. Your heart is truly your own”
The heartwarming rock song starts with this positive phrase as a passionate and reassuring accompaniment to the movie “Ribbon” that depicts the “Revival” of a university student who was robbed of her youth because of the coronavirus.



Additionally, it was also announced that all the trailers that have been released (30, 90, & 120 second trailers) were produced by Shunji Iwai. NON first joined Iwai in a movie production last year for the movie version of “The 12 Day Tale of the Monster that Died in 8”. This collaboration happened as NON managed to complete the script for “Ribbon” in part because she was inspired by how Director Iwai’s continued making movies despite the difficult circumstances. This impressive trailer presents cuts of the various emotional moments between the heroine Itsuka (NON) and her friends and family to the tune of the soundtrack, from Shunji Iwai’s unique perspective.



■Comment from Shunji Iwai

Captivated by the brilliant shots, it was incredibly enjoyable to edit.
Almost two years have passed since COVID-19 engulfed the world in chaos. While there were many movies that were produced and showcased during this period, there are very few movies that use the coronavirus as a theme. Even medical experts are still trying to understand this new disease. It may not be a topic that we should lightly touch on. In that sense, this move may have been a slightly impulsive one by NON-chan. But I am probably even more reckless. That hastiness is probably what we have in common as creators.
I can’t wait for her next movie.


■Comment from NON

The first time I worked with Director Shunji Iwai was when I was given a role in “The 12 Day Tale of the Monster that Died in 8.” To be honest, I was heavily influenced by Director Shunji Iwai in the production of this movie. I repeatedly watched and studied the movies by Director Iwai before shooting the movie.

Little did I imagine that he would edit the trailer for my movie. I felt a little embarrassed as it was like having my thoughts laid bare.

When I saw how brilliant and beautiful the trailer is, I rejoiced from the bottom of my heart. I think Director Iwai’s style and aesthetic sense made the various elements, such as the shooting angles, music, lighting, and acting, much more beautiful and heart-wrenching. I was very worried that the movie I made would not touch the viewers’ hearts, but this trailer convinced me that “it is a touching movie”.

It has reinforced my desire to get as many people as possible to watch it.

And at long last, you can now listen to a part of the amazing song written by Sambo for this movie. How precious and refreshing it is to see a collaboration between Sambo and Director Iwai...

I really, really can’t wait for you to watch the movie. Please wait for a while more. I hope you will enjoy it.

■Latest Trailer with Theme Song
The latest trailer is available in 3 versions, 15-second, 30-second, and 60-second. Available in some theaters, on the movie's official website, and NON’s official YouTube and social media.
(Latest Trailer with Theme Song 60 seconds)


■Synopsis of the Movie ”Ribbon”
2020, a COVID-19 year. The art school which Itsuka attends is also affected by the pandemic, resulting in the cancellation of their graduate exhibition.
Without even time to grief, Itsuka was forced to bring all her artwork home with her. With various emotions whirling in her head, she can't get anything done.
She even fights with her parents who are worried about her. Her younger sister, Mai, falls prey to severe COVID-19 symptoms. Even her best friend, Hirai, who is usually calm starts to get frustrated.
She realizes she needs to do something. After reuniting with a friend that got her engrossed in painting and getting into a serious argument with Hirai, she finds renewed motivation.
She realizes that she is the only one who can clear a path for her own future. 2020, a year in which everyone suffered... An inspiring story of a youth that will shine a ray of hope into your heart.

■”Ribbon” Theme Song Information

・Theme song: Boku dake no mono - Sambomaster
Lyrics & Composition: Takashi Yamaguchi / Arrangement: Sambomaster (Getting Better/Victor Entertainment)

・Sambomaster Official Website


■”Ribbon” Movie Information
・Premiere Date: February 25, 2022 (Fri) Roadshow at Theatre Shinjuku and more
・Cast: NON, Rio Yamashita, Daichi Watanabe, Karin Ono, Misayo Haruki, Daikichi Sugawara
・Scriptwriter & Director: NON
・Production Manager: Atsushi Fukuda ・Executive Producer: Tomoyuki Miyagawa
・Creative Supervisor: Masaomi Kanzaki, Mitsuko Takizawa ・Producer: Chikako Nakabayashi
・Special Effects: Shinji Higuchi ・Special Effects Producer: Katsuro Onoue ・Music: Kei Higuchi
・Theme Song: Boku dake no mono - Sambomaster (Getting Better/Victor Entertainment)
・Planning: NON
・Distributor: Aeon Entertainment ・Film Production: Booster Project
・Production: Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corp., NON, Speedy, Comidia Inc., inkAnkh inc.

・”Ribbon” Official Website

・NON Official YouTube Channel
・NON Yaroga! Channel (YouTube)
・NON Official Twitter


■Showing Theaters
Theatre Shinjuku, Human Trust Cinema Shibuya, Kino Cinema Yokohama Minato Mirai, Theatre Umeda, Cine Libre Kobe,
United Cinema Makuhari (previously Cineplex Makuhari), United Cinema Fukuoka Momochi, United Cinema Sapporo, Fushimi Million Theater,
AEON Cinema Theatus Shinsaibashi, AEON Cinema Omiya, and more